The Tools to Consider Before Starting a Business

The Tools to Consider Before Starting a Business

There are many tools that are needed to run a digital business. The tools you choose to employ will differ according to your focus and business goals.

Having a business means you need to have a presence online – that means having a business website that represents what you do and what your company is about.

The following solutions are a few of the basic things you need to get a website up and running – regardless of your online objectives.

The Right CMS

Deciding on the right content management system is crucial to your digital business. It might seem straightforward if you’re a one-person team who intends to just publish a blog on his website. But it’s entirely different if you’re a big organization with different departments like sales, marketing and IT. 

To keep every stakeholder happy, it’s important to weigh up the most important features vs the least critical ones required in a CMS, in order to determine the right system for your company.

For most small businesses and small e-commerce websites, using a hosted CMS like WordPress is the easiest choice. You need minimal knowledge to set up and customize the design and layout, and some basic familiarity with web hosting and using cPanel to get started.

Reliable Web Hosting 

Companies that decide to use a hosted CMS platform rather than a Software as a Service solution(SaaS) CMS would need reliable third-party hosting if they are not setting up their servers on-premises.

Most small-to-medium digital businesses that choose a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other similar content management systems need ongoing maintenance for their business websites. And a good web hosting company is essential for that. 

Two key features that you should look out for when choosing a good web hosting company are:

Security and Uptime 

There’s nothing worse than starting a marketing campaign to one of your landing pages, only to find out that you have wasted your budget because your website was offline. Uptime issues are prevalent with cheap hosting companies, as are security issues which can result in you losing your site to hackers. So read reviews and only host your sites with trusted web hosting providers.

Reliable Support

You could run into all sorts of problems when running a website. A mere update or the installation of a plugin could mess up your site and prevent you from accessing it. Live chat support is crucial in case you need technical help to get your site fixed.

Design Tools

Your digital business site can’t just have long blocks of text without any other design elements to it. Users will get bored and leave your site, which reduces engagement with your product and services.

Even though you could outsource your design and the various media you use on your site, it’s better to learn to use a few well-known, easy-to-use apps or software to create professional and captivating images. This will go a long way toward retaining your visitors’ attention.


A successful digital business is your key to making an impact on your customers and audience. Carefully planning and deploying the right strategies will allow you to plan for growth and will ensure you reach your goals.

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