7 Ways to Use Video in Web Design

It’s no secret that in the 2020s, we live in a visual culture. Written content is still just as powerful as it was, but one look around shows that we’re in a world dominated by screens. On these screens, one medium of communication reigns supreme — video. 

Video, as a medium, is defined as a recording of moving images that are made and shared digitally. It’s the perfect digital medium for our digital age. 

If you want to have a successful website in the 2020s, you’re going to want to include some website video elements. 

This article will walk you through some ways you can plant video on your website. 

1. Create a Video Content Page

What better way to get video on your website than to have a page exclusively dedicated to videos? Everyone knows that blog posts are great for SEO content. But did you know that video content can be just as effective? 

A page that showcases videos on various subjects can work as a visual blog. You can create short, informative videos about all sorts of subjects. They can act as their own blog. 

You won’t miss out on SEO because of this. Get keywords in your captions, titles, and comments. The time people spend on videos is also the time they’ll spend on your website, which will improve your overall search ranking.

You can even include a short article describing what happens in the video for those who aren’t able to watch video content. This is a great way to repurpose content and get yourself even more clicks! 

2. Make a Homepage Background Video 

The homepage of your site is a crucial part of any online experience. If you run an eCommerce site, having an unattractive homepage is the equivalent of having a dirty storefront. 

A great way to ensure that your homepage doesn’t have too much blank, empty space (which creeps people out a bit) is to have a background video. This is a video that auto-plays as soon as people get to your website. 

An auto-playing video is a bit of a toss-up. If you don’t execute it right, people can be annoyed by having a video forced on them. However, the right video will enhance your product and communicate your brand. 

Make sure this video isn’t so abrasive or in your face. Instead, coax people into your site with an impressive display of your products/services. 

3. Video Testimonials

If you don’t have reviews on your website, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to increase buzz about your site. Are you aware that around 80 percent of customers trust reviews they find online

You might be surprised that people put so much stock into the opinions of strangers. However, when you consider the culture that’s built up around online reviews, it makes perfect sense. People are incentivized to leave sincere, trustworthy reviews because they know that they’ll receive trustworthy reviews from others in return. 

Written reviews are a great way to boost your SEO. Video testimonials are just as good. 

All you need to do to create a great testimonial reel is to ask customers who enjoy your product if they wouldn’t mind doing a quick video testimonial. Have our team of professionals cut together a reel and add some editing tricks and you already have a wonderful addition to your site. 

Even better than that, hire a great website design company in Yorkville to ensure that your video design is perfect. 

4. Describing Products

Let’s face it, as great as the written word is for articulating concepts, emotions, and opinions, it falls seriously behind video when it comes to the world of demonstrations. If a picture is worth a thousand words in the world of instruction and design, then a video is worth a million. 

Add videos to your product page to explain how a certain product works or functions. People will be able to gain a better understanding of the dimensions, size, and proportions of your product if they can see it in a video. 

If you think that people still need to be convinced to engage in your product, so much the better. You can use your product description page as a way form of last-minute advertising to sell your products. 

This also works if you sell services instead of goods. You can create a demonstrative video that walks people through the process of your service experience. 

5. Support Videos

Any great website will have a “support” page. This ensures that your website doesn’t just help people buy your products, but use your products to their full potential after they’ve bought them. 

A support page shows your customers that you care about them beyond the money that they can provide. It will make customers feel valued, which will make them more likely to come back and support your business again.

Videos are much better than text at showing examples of how things work. Create a helpful and informative support video — or several — and people will better understand what you’re trying to communicate to them. 

You should also provide people links to contact information and customer support, in case they need a real person to walk them through an issue. Giving them the option to watch a video, however, is a great way to provide many options.  

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