Master the Art of Peak Season Business Strategies: Uncover Success with Meta’s Tools and AI in Nextsulting’s Latest ‘Performance Talks’ Episodes

Mastering Peak Season Business Strategy: New ‘Performance Talks’ Episodes Launched!

Amid the fast-paced, incessantly evolving digital marketing landscape, our commitment at Nextsulting is to walk you through essential updates. And on this note, today we are thrilled to share that Meta has launched two fresh episodes to their Performance Talks series.

The Performance Talks series endeavors to empower businesses by delivering invaluable insights from industry leaders. It explores the lengths at which brands are boosting performance and efficiency, using the friendly assist from innovative digital tools and artificial intelligence across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Anne O’Leary’s Insights for Peak Season Success

Meta’s VP of Mid-Market Global Business Group, Anne O’Leary, has opened these insightful discussions with Kiran Sahota, Chief Marketing Officer at Lounge, a renowned lingerie and apparel brand. One key benefit reiterated was the role of Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns (ASC) in discovering new, potential audiences that were previously unreachable.

She also conversed with Alexander Lodeweyckx, the Head of Performance at the global earphone entrepreneurial venture, Loop Earplugs. He emphasized the vital role that ruthless experimentation culture plays within Marketing and how ASC and Conversions API tools have been critical to driving audience engagement and maximizing marketing performance for their business.

Showcasing Success from Meta’s Tools and AI

The examples cited by Lokeweyckx and Sahota shed light on how businesses can leverage the power of ASC and utilize Conversions API tools to orchestrate captivating user content. Furthermore, they highlighted how these tools are potent strategies to ensure audience engagement while maximizing marketing performance.

Leveraging Meta’s Tools for Business Growth

These recent episodes of ‘Performance Talks’ underscore how influential Meta’s tools and AI support can be for businesses seeking to thrive both on Facebook and beyond, from discovery to retention. By informing and educating, this series provides a platform for both neophytes and seasoned digital marketers to learn and grow.

In the spirit of maximizing business impact, we at Nextsulting stand committed to helping extend your reach and connect you with potential audiences online. We are here to empower you to better maximize your digital marketing strategy for peak seasons and to help you leverage the power of Meta’s AI and its tools like ASC and Conversions API.


At Nextsulting, we aim to equip businesses with the best tools, strategies, and latest information to help them thrive in today’s highly competitive eCommerce industry. As digital marketing experts, we ensure that our customers get the most from their marketing efforts and help them optimize for peak seasons. Don’t miss out on these groundbreaking episodes and stay updated with the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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